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Favourite Works

Krazy Noodle Massacre - Lutzbug


"Rhodes and Dempsey are a young married couple who are just getting started in life. They'd like to move forward with their own careers and goals, but they keep getting distracted by everything from cutesy video games to tasteless late-night shows about serial killers. Late one night, Dempsey comes home with a wild story about running into a jittery man at the grocery store who buys almost nothing but a generic macaroni product called "Krazy Noodles." Much to Rhodes' hesitation, Dempsey comes up with a plan to go spying on him the following week so that Rhodes can see him for himself. They might think they're just going on a funny little adventure, but neither of them have any clue how much trouble they're about to cause—not only for themselves, but the guy they want to stare at.

Meanwhile, Gideon wants to be left alone so he can build his noodle sculptures in peace, but his worst fears come true when he realizes that he's being followed around by two strange guys at the grocery store. It doesn't help that he's being haunted by a psychic vampire incubus named Gabriel, who pretends to be his best friend but enco
urages his worst paranoid tendencies. He already deals with suffocating anxiety—how will he cope with being viewed like a zoo animal?"


Loud Era - MitchellBravo


"A bunch of misfits going through adolescence and adulthood a hundred years ago.

Historical slice of life fiction, traditionally drawn & colored.

Content: romance, disability themes, some mature content/coarse language, LGBTQ themes, nudity, sexual situations, depictions of racism, domestic, physical, substance, and parental abuse. Recommended for readers 13 & older."


Our Friend Rebirth Horse - Supermarketcordyceps

"A short story.

Dog and Cat, a pair of quaint, fox-like companions, unexpectedly encounter a strange deity on an adventure in a dilapidated landscape..."


Pink Panties - RockCandy

"A young squirrel named Cathy starts her first day at Lemonade High, an all-girls performing arts school, and joins the school's elite popular girl clique, the Queens. I mean, everyone's been to high school! And besides, it's only one year there as a senior, nothing's gonna go wrong...Right?"


More shall come soon...


What made you create this place?

This list is dedicated to my various friends, peers and other friendly faces in the webcomic community. Their comix vary in themes, artistry and storytelling, but they're all honest works by honest people.

More will come to the list as I read and finish them in full; there's a lot of comix to read and I've got a lot on my hands. You may come back to this site, and see your own comic on here...what a nice surprise that would be. This list is in alphabetical order, because that's my favourite way of ordering things. Click the headers of each entry to go and read the comix.

Is there anything else here?

I do intend to write reviews, or at the very least, evaluations of these webcomix and their themes. I will ask you for your full consent first before writing my feelings on your comic. These will focus on the strongest aspects of your story, its art, themes and characters. Do keep in mind that I'm going off public information, and this is largely dependent of how much of your comic exists publicly.

What made you get into webcomix?

How I got into webcomics may surprise some of you, especially with the praise Dancing with the Dead gets.


Growing up, I thought that to make a webcomic was a herculean task. That while they were beloved, they were labour-intensive and a true trial of one's artistry. Thus, I looked at webcomic creation as a dark art that I was too young and unskilled to grasp.

It was only in the summer of 2021 that I met that impossible dark art once more. This time, I was not a child, but a young adult that sought answers for the issue of self-expression. The orb of temptation, sanguine in its glow, beckoned me forth. It was initially met with my resistance. I cried out that I couldn't do such a thing, but it stared into me. It stared into my very artistic core, and asked me the question that I couldn't ask myself.


"Why is that?"

In stunned silence, I could give no answer.


Because there truly was no answer.

It was a moment of unholy, forbidden clarity. A realisation that struck through me and gave me a new artistic purpose, a determination amongst the doubts. Driven by a hypnotic force beyond my understanding, I got to work only two months later. In the cold winter months, I hid in my home office for inconceivable hours at a time. Hours at a time per day to create the very first chapter of Dancing with the Dead.

It was when I was halfway through the first chapter that I started to get it.

I realised that I loved expressing all of my settings, my concepts, my symbols, my lore and all of these other things that I couldn't with illustration alone. No longer did I need to point at an inspiring image and say "That reminds me of my comic", for I could transmute that image and absorb it into the essence of my comic itself. I could take all of my inspirations and give them the attention they deserve. I could make it a maximalist dream of symbols and implications, a beautiful painting of details that even the finest illustrations could never come close to. A moving story with characters, arcs and moments that were trapped within my being for so painfully long.

The uphill battle against perfectionism and anxiety was immense, but worth it beyond words. It was no small feat doing what I did, many times I used to ask myself if I could press on. But the more I drew, the more I realised how I was truly meant for this genre. It stopped being about doing it perfectly, and it became about the joy of creation itself. Both the joy I derived, and the joy others derived as my comic started to gain their attention. Truthfully speaking, I never imagined it would get the attention it did, but I cherish it nonetheless. I hope now that my labour of love can inspire someone else to do what I've done here.


Maybe it could be you.

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