Articles about topics such as the internet, nature and whatever else I find interesting.


I have my very own online journal in the form of my Dreamwidth. In order to see the entries, you need to sign up and ask to join my access list. Then I will let you in and you can begin to read. The Dreamwidth journal gets 2 updates per month, at the start and end of each month. Then in between those entries are randomly written personal updates. The journal can and will contain discussions on mental health, mainly, overviews on how I am feeling.


Mainly contains Gothic horror and old Vampire literature.


Yet to be filled out, will contain scientific texts both old and modern.


I also dabble in poetry every once in a while, and you can click here to go to the poetry page. New poems happen at pure random, as I have my own projects and I do not specialise in poetry. I tend to write poems about my personal experiences, most fond memories, random sensations and things I am generally obsessed with.

Rabbit Holes

This page contains a list of topics that I find interesting and may be worth some of your time too. It's called "Rabbit Holes" because of how deep and elaborate the information on these topics can go. Many of these are my special interests or hyperfixations.