What is this place?

This library contains a mixture of book links, resource links and poetry. If you think there is something that I may want to feature, let me know privately and I can potentially make it happen.

I have a strong affection for the preservation of information, and I wish to show this through my library. Perhaps it is an obsessive desire for efficiency, or perhaps it derives from the dark, dusty bookrooms that my younger self called their sanctuaries.

Perhaps, I see a beauty in such information. Unknown to the dozens who have lived before us, now unveiled from the shadows of obscurity. Perhaps, it warms me to see such progress.

Regardless of my theories, we are all companions in our desire to learn. Despite being mountains and oceans apart, we remain together in spirit.

Featured Book

Title - The Fires of Lust: Sex in the Middle Ages

Author - Katherine Harvey

The cover for this one is absolutely perfect. If you can get past the giggles this thing will cause, alongside its utterly fantastic title (Which I always say in full), it is a genuinely good text on how the Middle Ages treated this complex topic.

Library Catergories

Articles about topics such as the internet, nature and whatever else I find interesting.

Mainly contains Gothic horror and old Vampire literature.

I also dabble in poetry every once in a while, and you can click here to go to the poetry page. New poems happen at pure random, as I have my own projects and I do not specialise in poetry. I tend to write poems about my personal experiences, most fond memories, random sensations and things I am generally obsessed with.

This page contains a list of topics that I find interesting and may be worth some of your time too. Many of these are my special interests or hyperfixations.


Will contain links to webcomics made by my various friends. Coming soon...