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Welcome to Fangs a Lot, a webseries that reviews vampires in film! I'm your host Sanguine, and I'm absolutely batty for vampires! Let's crack this genre open like a dusty coffin and see what makes this creature of the night tick! 

Before you Read...

I am no film expert, nor do I claim to be the absolute authority on vampires. I had some time in film classes but I don't have any huge degrees. I'm just a fan doing this for fun and while I try to research as much as I can, I may make the occasional mistake. Despite the way I might talk in these reviews, these are ultimately opinion-pieces; ignoring technical information such as years of release, production information and other things that have been proven by other sources as absolute fact. With that said...I hope you enjoy these reviews!

Episodes List

Episode 001 - Dracula, Dead and Loving It

This first review is taking a look at Mel Gibson's second horror spoof, with Leslie Nielsen as Dracula!Is it funny? Is it Dracula? Will I be Dead and Loving It?