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Here's a list of websites that I'm fond of and use often. I like being able to share things with my friends, and now that you're here, you can see what I've been itching to share with you. These range from archives, to galleries and encyclopedias, to tools and gimmicks. If any of the links break, or something strange happens, let me know. Happy browsing, and hopefully you can have a few new bookmarks to add to your collection.

The internet's biggest archive and its largest known library, since its founding in 1996.


A gallery of public domain art, free to browse and download at your own leisure.


A free audio streaming platform full of underground artists, bands, and music genres you didn't even know existed.


An ambitious database for the Beanie Baby franchise.

Bill Wurtz

The personal website of the musician, Bill Wurtz.

Birdfood UK | Webcams

A series of webcams where you can observe various bird species.


A website full of downloadable fonts.

Diablo Wiki

A wiki for the games Diablo and Diablo II, which goes above the standards of a normal game wiki and gives out detailed, player-made guides on certain aspects of the games. A refreshing read for those fatigued by the "FANDOM" formula.

Dracula Daily

A website that emails you the book's various events on the days they happened. Starts on the 3rd of May, and ends on the 7th of November.


A website that allows you to keep a virtual journal (either public, only for friends or completely private) and make friends.

Dungeon Keeper Millennium

A website that hosts guides and resources for Dungeon Keeper.

Encyclopaedia Metallum

A wiki for the metal genre and all of its variations that has been going strong since 2002.


A dictionary of etymology that has been going strong since 2000.

An extremely detailed website about culinary history, starting from the dawn of man and leading up to now.

Have I been Pnwed

Allows you to check if your email has been in any wide-scale data breaches.


Keeper Klan

A forum for the Dungeon Keeper games that houses custom maps, custom campaigns, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Libre Office

A free, open-source office suite for all your writing needs, with a layout very similar to Microsoft Word.

Lutzbug's Dungeon

A close friend's website, hosted on Neocities and made with love.

Music Map

A website that enables you to find new musical artists.

Moon Phases

A website that enables you to track the lunar phases.

Monster Breeder

An in-browser adventure game where you capture and breed monsters.

A spiritual sucessor to the original Geocities, lets you code and host your very own website for free.

ORBIS: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World

A project created by various historians and technicians from Stanford University. It explores the complexities of ancient Rome, and the various trading paths across its empire.


A text storage service that has been going strong since 2002, and possibly the largest of its kind.

A detailed website about the care of snails. As of now, the website seems to be estivating, and is thus, inactive.

Petsnails Forum

The companion forum to, and as of now, remains active. Contains anecdotes and advice about owning snails.


A browser game about chemistry and physics.

Project Gutenberg

The internet's biggest provider of free e-books; first founded in 1971.

Real-Time HTML Editor

Does exactly as the title promises; allows you to test out HTML and see the results before you put them in your code.

Rock Candy

A close friend's website, hosted on Neocities and made with love.

Sandspiel Club

A game very similar to Powder, with some different features and ideas.


A website for the terrarium enthusiast of the same name.

The Cutting Room Floor

A wiki dedicated to unearthing unused content for various video game titles.

The Phontistery

A dictionary of obscure words that has been going strong since 1996.

Toy Animal Wiki

A wiki for documenting every known toy animal and its maker.

A website that hosts user-submitted ambient noise from forests around the world.


A wiki for the Elder Scrolls series that has been going strong since 1995. Much like the Diablo Wiki, it hosts detailed, player-made guides.

Unconsenting Media

A website that serves as a database of sexual assault in TV and movies.

Wildlife Trusts Webcams

A selection of British wildlife webcams, starring various species of native animals.


A website that hosts a wealth of coding tutorials.

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