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The internet's biggest archive and its largest known library, since its founding in 1996. The most recommended website for any archivist.

This very website has been stored onto!

A gallery of public domain art, free to browse and download at your own leisure. It also links to several other galleries.

It does exactly as promised, and I very much appreciate the lack of pay-walling.

A free audio streaming platform full of underground artists, bands, and music genres you didn't even know existed.

This site is one of my absolute favourites. I have found so many good artists and genres. It's absolutely a game-changer.

An ambitious database for the Beanie Baby franchise. The website is active, and continues to add new entries as they're released.

Indeed, I'm a beanie baby enthusiast. Appearances can be decieving, you know.

A website full of downloadable fonts.

I use this constantly for my creative endeavours and it's by far my preferred font site!

A wiki for the games Diablo and Diablo II, which goes above the standards of a normal game wiki and gives out detailed, player-made guides on certain aspects of the games.

As an ardent disliker of the

"FANDOM" wiki format, this is

a breath of fresh, non-intrusive air.

A website that emails you the book's various events on the days they happened. Starts on the 3rd of May, and ends on the 7th of November.

I found this site through a tumblr craze, and it's a fascinating way to view the original book. Dracula fans, you'll enjoy this.

A website that allows you to keep a virtual journal (either public, only for friends or completely private) and make friends.

I'd be using this one more if I wasn't so busy with my webcomic. Comfy experience,

definitely suggest it!

A dictionary of etymology that has been going strong since 2000.

One of the most dense dictionaries I've seen, and an all-around useful site for those curious about words.

An extremely detailed website about culinary history, starting from the dawn of man and leading up to now.

One of the most moving reads I've experienced in a while. I love things that show how far

we've come as a species.

A forum for the Dungeon Keeper games. Also has a relatively active Discord server.

For you Dungeon Keeper fans, this site contains custom maps, custom campaigns, and a relaxed atmosphere.

A free, open-source office suite for all your writing needs. Very similar to Microsoft Word.

It does exactly as promised, and I appreciate it for that. If

Word's out of your reach, then

this will be a good replacement.

A website that enables you to find new musical artists.

A very useful tool if you're craving new music. If you need some new flavours, give it a try.

A spiritual sucessor to the original Geocities, lets you code and host your very own website for free.

This one's stable, reliable, and

very fun to browse through. It's also what inspired me to make this very website.

A text storage service that has been going strong since 2002, and possibly the largest of its kind.

You can't go wrong with this one. It's handy to have on you, just in case.

A detailed website about the care of snails. As of now, the website seems to be estivating, and is thus, inactive.

I couldn't help myself with that one. I saw a chance, and I

couldn't stop myself. On a serious note, good, good site.

The companion forum to, and as of now, remains active. If you have a question about snails, this forum should be able to help.

While I'm not a member, I have consulted this forum a handful of times for my gastropod friends.

A browser game about chemistry and physics.

A childhood favourite of ours, and one we return to time and time again. A simple pleasure.

The internet's biggest provider of free e-books, since its founding in 1971.

No, that is not a typo! This site's old enough to tell me suspiciously riveting stories. Another solid website.

Does exactly as the title promises; allows you to test out HTML and see the results before you put them in your code.

Very useful for anyone who does coding, also just fun to

mess around in as well.

A wiki dedicated to unearthing unused content for various video game titles.

Finding assets and content for your favourite video game is an underrated pasttime. Give it a whirl!

A dictionary of obscure words that has been going strong since 1996.

Another dense dictionary that doesn't disappoint! I always appreciate sites with a sense of humour.

A website that hosts user-submitted ambient noise from forests around the world. Commonly suggested as a way to relax.

One of my favourite website concepts, as a big fan of nature and the ambient music genre.

A wiki for the Elder Scrolls series that has been going strong since 1995. Much like the Diablo Wiki, it hosts detailed, player-made guides.

This is my definitive Elder Scrolls resource. Also,

just like the Diablo wiki, it's divorced from the FANDOM formula.

A selection of British wildlife webcams, starring various species of native animals.

This is a slow-moving, comfy little experience I suggest to all animal lovers. I'm always fond of a good wildlife trust.

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