Design Tenets of my Website

A list of desired traits for a personal website.

Reviving Ye Olde Personal Home Page

Discusses the importance of personal home pages on the internet.

The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet

Uses the metaphor of a dark forest to describe the modern internet.

The Beauty of Text

Discusses the importance of text and argues for more text-based websites.

The Indie Web Manifesto

Discusses the difference between commercial and personal websites.

The Web's Timeline

A timeline on the growth of the internet.

The Slow Web

Uses a fast-food metaphor to describe the contrast between the early and modern internet.


How to Archive the Web

Explains how to archive websites.


Rediscovering the Small Web

Explains how to reconnect with the culture of the early internet.


A Handmade Web

Argues for the return of user-created, "handmade" websites.