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I am Sanguine, and this is my

abode. I am a webcomic author,

and have been since the winter of

2021. My primary work is the

webcomic Dancing with the Dead,

which serves as my love-letter to

the vampire genre.


My art is derived from my love of darkness, my experiences with neurodivergence, psychosis, and my own repressed feelings.


I invite you to interpret me through my art; and make of me as you will.


Other places...

Artfight - I will be here for when the time comes.

Dreamwidth - A mix of random writings and (Access List only!) yearly journal entries.

Telegram - Preferably mutuals, but we can meet on Telegram. I'll decline any offers to meet on any other platforms.

Now then...If you want to feature my button on your very own website, you're more than welcome to do so.

Frequently asked questions

What does your name mean?
It's a word I use to describe Blue Hour, which I find emotionally significant to me.

What made you create this place?

I created this website as a personal refuge from modern living. It was created as a time-capsule of sorts, to preserve the memory of websites created during the days of web 1.0.
I have not the time or patience to code an entire website, especially not with my fickle temperament, hence why I am not on Neocities or any other more "manual" site builders.
I also find this to be a stronghold when I am reminded of the persecution that people

like me continue to experience.

How can I contact you?
I personally suggest messaging me on Dreamwidth. From there on out I can meet you on Telegram or we can stay in the PMs, whatever you personally prefer. If you have any other questions that this FAQ has not answered, then please contact me privately and I'll be happy to answer them myself.


What happened to Fangs a Lot?

Fangs a Lot was a discontinued webseries where I would review various vampire films. It  was intended to be a sister-series to Dancing with the Dead, but this changed when comic got too large and I realised that such a thing would be too intensive to manage. While Fangs a Lot got the axe, a lot of the originally intended media commentary for it is going to be funnelled straight into Dancing with the Dead. So in a way, Fangs a Lot is not so much dead as much as it's...undead.

What happened to the Webring page?

I passed control of the webring onto someone else, and as a result of this, the corresponding landing page for it was removed from this website.

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