I am Sanguine, and this is my abode. I am a webcomic author, and have been since the winter of 2021. My primary work is the webcomic Dancing with the Dead, which serves as my love-letter to the vampire genre.


My passion for the dark is a large part of myself, and I am here to share that with all eyes that fall upon me. Introducing myself in sentences of detail is not my strong point, despite my many attempts.


So instead, I invite you to interpret me through my art; and make of me as you will.

​Artfight - I will be here for when the time comes.

ComicFury - Where my webcomics are posted.

Dreamwidth - Yearly/Bi-Yearly journal updates.

It's a word I use to describe Blue Hour, which I find emotionally significant to me.

The layout is unlikely to change, but the website updates as new pages and things are added.

I created this website as a personal refuge from modern living. It was created as a time-capsule of sorts, to preserve the memory of websites created during the days of web 1.0.

I personally suggest PM'ing me on ComicFury. From there on out I can meet you on Discord or Telegram, whatever you personally prefer.

If you have any other questions that this FAQ has not answered, then please contact me privately and I'll answer them myself.