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This website has..

♰ A library to peruse. Contains links to poetry, featured webcomics and fun websites.
♰ A link to my underground comix love-letter to the vampire genre, Dancing with the Dead.

♰ Links to other platforms where you can find and contact me.

Latest Updates

♰ 7/05/23 - New links on the Website Links page! Oh, and I forgot to say this the first time around, but say hi to the sitemap!


♰ 1/05/23 - It's been a while friends, but we're going to start filling this website with some new links and pages. I'd really like to implement a general "book recs" page. Dancing with the Dead's a real special project for me, hence my erratic bouts of activity with this website.

An Introduction

A garden of eternal twilight, an altar of circling songbirds and hydrangea flowers, a pristine font that glows in the endless darkness, a place untouched by time, a place of beauty and derangement.

Where are you but my home?

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