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Hey Everyone...

We're moving to Neocities!

Quite a shock, I know, but don't worry, this domain will last for one more year before this website goes down. Then once that happens, we're blasting off...and issuing some much-needed "Please update the links!" to all the people who I know have linked to me. Oh, and for you mobile viewers, don't worry about responsiveness, because this Neocities site uses the Sadgrl layout (Which comes with baked-in responsiveness of its own!). Rejoice, because lord knows automatic responsiveness is much easier to work with than dragging and dropping everything pixel by pixel. In fact, I'll issue a quick sorry for being completely and utterly all over the place with this website's mobile responsiveness. The sloppiness shall be ceased.

But why is this happening?

Well, it's as simple as this; I've gotten more confident over the years with what I've wanted this website to look like! For those of you who've known me for a while, this website has gone through a lot of changes. It's been black-and-red, black-and-white, black-and-grey...I could go on, really, but I've been gradually reaching a more finalised look for my overall aesthetic. Learning that I had DID was a big part of the process, because feeling like an amorphous blob can be quite akin to torture. Now that I've dragged and dropped everything into place, Sadgrl's blessed us amateur coders with an easy generator, and it JUST so happens to resemble this website's own can see what's going on here. This, and I want the code to myself, Wix code is kind of strange and I'd like to be a bit less dependent on it in general. I've used this analogy with my friends a few times now, but I'd like to be a hermit crab...scuttling across the internet in my little code shell. I've been wanting something less sleek, something more raw and "janky", something more homely. I do continue to wrestle the bugbear of incessant image-shining, the idea that I am more statue than person, and I think going for a more manual look as opposed to Wix's aggressive sleekness will be exactly what I need.

What can we all expect from the Neocities website?

The Neocities site is going to be a near-perfect clone of the original Expect to see some quality of life improvements (Scroll-boxes for long list pages, more consistent layouts, etc) but also some new pages entirely! Wix's 100 page limit is generous to a lot of people, but not if you like taking people down fun rabbit holes and collections. The Sitemap will be a good way to see what new pages I'll be adding, and hell, we've already been adding some. Give Rock all your hugs and platonic kissies, because he's been a darling to me for this entire process.

In Closing...

With all of this said, thanks for sticking around! Thanks to those who have archived on the internet archive! Thanks to you for even taking the time to read all of this. So now...

Shift your arses and CLICK HERE!

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